Teeth Whitening in East Kilbride

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves the idea of whiter teeth and being honest, we have all tried home hacks and urban myths to try and get that Hollywood Smile. Well, Avondale Dental Practice has the answer. We offer a professional tooth whitening system that can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Over time, teeth can become dull looking because the core tissue, the dentin, naturally yellows over time. As we age, the enamel that covers the tooth becomes thinner, allowing the dentin to show through. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee, red wine or smoking can also increase the chance of staining which can be unpleasant and cause patients to feel insecure and anxious about their smile.

Of course, the best treatment to keep your teeth looking sparkling is maintaining good oral hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily and seeing a dental hygienist every 6 months to get a deep, professional clean. Another way to prevent teeth staining is to avoid drinking or eating certain foods and beverages, as well as overexposure to fluoride. If you are a coffee drinker and/or smoker, try and quit or cut back. If that is too much of a lifestyle change, research has proven that just by rinsing your mouth with water after drinking wine, coffee or other drinks significantly reduces the chance of long-term staining.

If you still think your teeth need a bit of TLC, then contact Avondale Dental Practice for a consultation with one of our dentists. Our teeth whitening treatment uses a bleaching process to safely remove stains and discolouration from your teeth, leaving a whiter and cleaner appearance. The results can last for up to a year and can be prolonged with top up applications. It really is as easy as that! To make an appointment to discuss teeth whitening at Avondale, then please get in touch to organise a time to suit you.

Benefits of White Fillings

Fillings are a common procedure for most of the population and involves drilling out the decay in your tooth and replacing it with a filling- this is usually amalgam, or silver. Although practical, these can be unsightly, and patients can be self-conscious about them. An alternative to the traditional silver filling is white fillings; these are made from powdered glass, ceramic and resin and are matched to the colour of your teeth to allow for a more natural looking smile.

If you are wondering whether a white filling is for you, we’ve detailed below some benefits to help you decide:

They create a more natural looking smile- we can match white fillings to the exact colour of your teeth so no one should be able to tell that you have a filling.

Durability- white fillings can be far more durable and versatile than silver fillings as they are bonded directly to the tooth. This also means that less of your existing tooth needs to be removed.

Free of Metal – unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings are free of metal so there is no possible mercury exposure.

Quick – because there is usually less drilling involved in white fillings, the time taken to do these can be less. This is, of course dependent on how many fillings you need, but usually this can be completed within just one appointment.

Reduce Sensitivity – as white fillings contain insulating properties, they offer far more protection from hot or cold foods making them a great choice for people who suffer with sensitive teeth.

If you are in need of a filling or wish to get your existing silver fillings replaced, then read here about the treatment you can expect at Avondale Dental Practice. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by phone on 01355 234 919 or via our website.