Our Promise


Treat you with
respect and

Listen and
respond promptly, sympathetically and constructively to all comments

Exceed all
requirements for safety and
sterility within
the practice

Try to run
on time whenever possible

Invest constantly in new knowledge, skill and technology

information for new patients

Building trust
from the first meeting

We believe you will not find a more welcoming dentist in East Kilbride . We aim to build a relationship based on trust with you from the first time you make contact with us — whether that’s online, over the phone or face to face.


The first stage of your initial visit will be a simple discussion, aimed at helping us to better understand your needs. We’ll discuss what you want to work towards maintaining or changing and ask you questions about your dental history, your general health (including any medications you may be currently taking) and any concerns you may have.


In the second stage, we will physically check over your teeth and gums, your TLCS (tongue, lips, cheeks and skin) and make sure that your jaw joint is functioning as it should. At this point we may need to do some x-rays to assess your teeth in finer detail.


The third stage involves us talking through any areas that need addressing and discussing suitable treatment options with you. We can also advise if any aspects of your lifestyle may be impacting on your dental health.


We want you to leave your first visit with us having had all your questions answered, all your concerns addressed and with every confidence in us going forward. Here at Avondale Dental Practice, we realise the importance of helping you to feel as calm as you possibly can be about upcoming appointments.


We understand the anxiety that some patients can feel in the days and weeks leading up to a treatment. We aim to reduce the stress our patients may feel in these times by listening to their concerns and reassuring them. We’re here for you.

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