Emergency Dental Appointments in East Kilbride
Emergency Dental Appointments

We pride ourselves on being an experienced dental surgery in East Kilbride, providing you with the day-to-day care and treatment you deserve. However, the time might come when your appointment isn’t so routine and we want to be the emergency dental practice to help you.

Avondale is an emergency dentist. If you need treatment and care in a hurry, out of hours, we can help. We provide full dental treatment for all with costs depending on your circumstances and the treatment you need.  We would only advise on treatment that we think is clinically necessary to maintain good oral health.  

Emergency dental appointments might be required for a whole range of problems — anything from a broken tooth to wisdom tooth pain or a painful abscess. Or, just a sudden unknown tooth pain you can’t shake!

We know the need for an emergency dentist can be – quite rightly – scary, worrying or simply a real inconvenience and we want to make that experience as pain free as possible – in every way.

The emergency dental appointments and treatments we can provide for you which will put your mind at ease when you need it most.

We will listen to your complaint and respond as promptly as we can with the friendly, respectful and professional service and treatment you can expect from us no matter what circumstance you visit us under. At Avondale, you can always be sure of a calming, reassuring atmosphere that will make your emergency dentist visit as easy as possible.

Remember, it’s important that any tooth pain you have is fixed as soon as possible to avoid further discomfort and oral health problems in the future — and that’s where we come in, so don’t delay, we’re happy to help.

An urgent course of treatment can normally be provided in one emergency dentist appointment but if you need more care, don’t worry. We can arrange for this once we’ve administered the initial treatment you need. Once you’re feeling better, we can discuss any further treatment options.