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Implants for Securing Dentures

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Although dental implants are a great solution for single missing teeth, what about if you are missing more than one tooth? Perhaps you have several teeth in a row missing? Maybe you even need full upper and lower dentures? There is no need to automatically think of more traditional dentures and bridges for these kinds of requirements and dismiss the security of dental implants — implants can be successfully used to meet these needs and offer a more secure foundation.

Implants can be used to support more than one tooth; a common example would be two implants used to support a permanent bridge of two crowns and a central denture. Taking this idea several steps further, the same technique can be used to fit full permanent upper and lower dentures, creating a brand new smile. One of the key advantages of these permanent and well-supported bridges and dentures are that they offer the patient much improved comfort and functionality over a removable appliance.

Treatments with implants, particularly with these more complex methods, are usually not an overnight solution, more so a process.

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